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Okay, is the 2021 election cycle over? Can All of us exhale? Is it protected to Exit into The general public sq. as quickly as extra? Have been tright here lots of of hundreds – hundreds of hundreds? – of fraudulent votes …….

Okay, is the 2021 election cycle over? Can All of us exhale? Is it protected to Exit into The general public sq. as quickly as extra? Have been tright here lots of of hundreds – hundreds of hundreds? – of fraudulent votes forged in any state? Did ballots emerge mysteriously Inside the lifeless of Evening time of Evening time? Did Hugo Chavez – from the tomb – administration voting machines in Virginia? Wright here is Loopy Uncle Rudy to set this all straight?

Or does that solely happen every 4 yrs in a widespstudy election wright here, You understand, the prefacetntial election is On The center of our political curiosity?

Or is it solely when Donald Trump is involved and He is both dropping The favored vote, the electoral vote – or each?

And wright hereas I am asking so many questions, A pair of extra: Why ought to we ever maintain elections in an odd-numbered yr anyway? I imply, as quickly as every completely different yr, in the even yrs, seems pretty enough, don’t you assume?

Not that I don’t like voting. Simply The completely different. However even the Chicago machine and Glenn Youngkin’s 17-yr-previous son want a break From time to time. Not That i’m having problem maintaining monitor of the yr. I imply, you don’t Need To maintain monitor. That pot of water is On A daily basis on the entrance burner, roiling and boiling and spitting off steam. How can we ever overlook To Focus as a Outcome of, repeat after me, That is An important election in our collective lifetime.

Besides that it typically isn’t.

And that’s wright here I am. I can solely Do this when Shortly with any diploma of conviction. Like, every two yrs seems Greater than enough. Yearly? Please rescue me from that.

Maybe it’s just that I would like – want? – a break, a journey from the fixed drone of ensures and stump speeches, the redundancy of lies, understanding tright here are too few principled politicians who will stand true to their bearings, to the core of who They’re, even in a political hurricane that is ripping and tearing all that we as quickly as acknowledged Proper into a overseas and unimaginable panorama, wright here all pronouncements, all shared allegiances of the previous At the second are being dashed and tossed afacet, dragging us again to distant problems pretty than shifting forward, confidently, in the direction of the photo voltaic and current breezes.

To right course Inside the midst of the storm, their palms on the ship’s wheel, the opportunists change the D or the R behind their identify on the ballot, saying they now confacetr In a single shiny new factor when their prolonged public doc says one factor pretty completely different, pretty contradictory.

“So what?” They Appear to say ever so dismissively.

“The celebration left me, I Did not depart the celebration,” they study from the strains Of people Who’ve gone earlier than.

 Doesn’t matter. Simply repeOn The mannequin new actuality, They’re tprevious. It is An alternate actuality, and Do You’d like to say it enough occasions, people confacetr and it turns into The mannequin new actuality, day turns into Evening time, inright turns into right, and January 6 occurs.

Fact is, Tright here was no proof of widespstudy fraud or completely different inrightdoing with the 2020 election, regardless of whOn The earlier prefacetnt bellows from his ship of state. These claims have been rejected by judges, election officers and Donald Trump’s personal lawyer widespstudy. Regardless, two-thirds of Republicans said Joe Biden was not legitimately elected prefacetnt, Based mostly on an Associated Press-NORC Middle for Public Affairs Evaluation ballot carried out two weeks after Biden’s inauguration. 

And tright here he was, forward of Virginia’s extreme-profile gubernatorial election, former prefacetnt Trump, saying he was “not a confacetrr in the integrity of Virginia’s elections, A lot of dangerous factors went on, and are Occurring.” 

After which the election occurred and Youngkin, the Republican, gained. Trump? Not a whisper of fraud.

By all accounts, Tuesday’s elections featured factors typical of an election day – all shortly resolved as is par for the course. Tright here have been power outages and technical factors with gear. In some balloting places, too few ballots. In New Jersey, confusion over the reporting of election end outcomes circulated on social media.

I’ve not drained, nor will I, of being profoundly disturbed with People who would wreck our democracy for egocentric set off, For private obtain, for greed and avarice. I can not tire, nor ought to anyone, of being alert to and calling out those making an try to dismantle democracy, for They’ve proven, Aobtain and as quickly as extra, They’re solely involved with Their very personal designs, Their very personal development, Their very personal Checking account, Their very personal narratives, with worthwhile The subsequent election, Regardless of The worth, Regardless of the sufferer.

Tright here’s not a backside to wright here They will not go to lie and deceive. And also you understand what? We should get to work, spending Daily countering their lies with fact.

Inside the Meantime, I Need to advocate that America, for The good of its soul and sanity, Must push politics to the facet. Either that or We truly Shall be at Each completely different’s throat from right here till eternity.

Can we do elections every completely different yr?

I do know. Rust by no implys sleeps and most cancers Can’t be left to metastasize.

Was I Alleged to care all that a lot Regarding the gubernatorial race in Virginia this yr – in an odd yr on the calendar? Might it have waited till ’22 Once we now have a bunch of completely different state races To hint?

Sure and no. 

However I gotta inform ya, it’s all a bit a lot at occasions.

— J. Damon Cain is editor of The Register-Herald.


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