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Spinning Atechnique: The Origin of Egypt’s Folkloric Tanoura Dance

Egyptian Tanoura DancerPhotograph by way of NS Dancing Dance StudioAs I watch the bellydancer depart the hall, And change to my cousins t…….

Spinning Atechnique: The Origin of Egypt’s Folkloric Tanoura Dance

Egyptian Tanoura Dancer
Photograph by way of NS Dancing Dance Studio

As I watch the bellydancer depart the hall, And change to my cousins to commalest on her pertypeance and flashy costume, I discover one other pertypeer strolling in and Deciding on The center of the hall.

“It’s the Tanoura!” we blurt out fortunately, immediately recognizing him.

In An unrestricted colourful skirt with lights hooked up to it, trousers under, and a white skullcap, the youthful man started to spin to the tunes of the Arabic music ‘Doury Beena’ (Spin Us Round) aprolongedside the sound of rhythmic claps from the viewers.

As a Outcome of the layers of the skirts spun and the pertypeance went on, we noticed the Tanoura dancer take away one skirt, fold it and primarytain it in his arms as if it’s a baby. Proper earlier than The prime of his pertypeance, the dancer take awayd one layer of the skirts, spinning it over his head, shifting from one desk To A particular to spInside the skirt over the viewers’s heads. I later learnt that some think about It is symbolic of the Almighty showering the attendees with blessings.

As he continued to spin effortlessly, my thoughts traveled far, questioning Regarding the origin of this dance that counts as A pair of of The favored Egyptian peopleloric dances right now.

Tanoura dancer at a desert Safari
Photograph by way of Oasis Palm Tourism

Tanoura is an Arabic phrase, which interprets to skirt in English. It is A regular people dance in Egypt, wright here the dancer spins to the tunes of Arabic musics, typically spiritual ones, too, Usually acknowledged as Tawasheeh (A combination of Quranic verses and basic poetry). If the dance is pertypeed Based mostly on spiritual affiliation, he Can be spinning anti-clockwise, symbolising Muslim pilgrimage Throughout the Ka’aba. If it’s for leisure nicections, he might spin clockwise or counter-clockwise. The Tanoura is A singular dance That is typically seen as philosophical And even spiritual, taking the dancer to new spiritual levels.

Many historians say thOn the Tanoura dance was first launched by Turkish thinker and poet Jalal al-Din al-Rumi, and that it acquired here to Egypt Inside the 14th century. Jalal al-Din al-Rumi was a famend Sufi scholar Inside the Thirteenth century, and is think aboutd to have been The primary Tanoura dancer Via the Fatimid period. At the time, the dance was restricted to the Sufi group. Today, It is pertypeed by non-Sufis as properly.

Some say thOn the Tanoura Could be described as an superior depiction of the Sufi Whirling Dervishes, A critical An elemalest of Sufism, acknowledged for its mysticism and spiritual Method of worship. Sufi Whirling is a bodily act of meditation wright here Sufis spin till they attain a diploma Of spiritual ecstasy. They put on prolonged white robes and pertype in teams, in distinction to Tanoura’s solo pertypeance. Many say that with the passing of time, Egyptians made additions to the Tanoura dance to make it extra entertaining and nice, by including tambourines, colours, lights, and music That might not primarily spiritual.

Sufi Whirling Dervishes in Turkey
Photograph by way of AP

Unlike most dances, That are primarily pertypeed by womales, this dance Is merely pertypeed by males. Whether or not in a desert safari, a Nile cruise, A spiritual pageant or al-mawlid al-nabawi (annual celebration of the Prophet Mohamed’s birthday), the Tanoura is On A daily basis a primary An elemalest of the event lineup. So In case You are visiting Egypt and are planning to attend A spiritual pageant or a cultural event, Guarantee to not miss the distinctive Tanoura pertypeance.

Fun actuality: One skirt worn by the Tanoura dancer can weigh As a lot as 15 kilograms, and Tanoura dancers pertype sporting three skirts, if No extra.

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