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Think about a fishery the place you throw metallic lures So far as potential, After which skip them again to shore as quick as You will Have The power to. I simply described how I, And a lot of completely differents, fish for false albacore…….

Think about a fishery the place you throw metallic lures So far as potential, After which skip them again to shore as quick as You will Have The power to. I simply described how I, And a lot of completely differents, fish for false albacore. It’s A properly-appreciated fishery Inside the Northeast and One which I’m Enthusiastic about.  The extreme Quantity of forgeds all by way of a typical albie session is interrupted by explosive floor hits and screaming drag That is matched by few completely different fisheries. The bodily calls for Of making so many forgeds necessitates Lightweight gear that’s nonethemuch less In a place to touchdown fish That regularly strip 100-plus ft of line on the hookup. Throw some saltwater on the fishing gear, and it turns into clear that this fishery Is strong on even Definitely one of the biggest fishing reels. These brutal circumstances make it The proper testing floor. For the previous six yrs, my Penn Conflict reels have been by way of the albie gauntlet and stay my Most relevant selection.

Penn Conflict II 4000 Specs and Features

  • Sizes: 1000-5000
  • Gear Ratios: 5.2:1-7.0:1
  • Weights: 7-16 ounces
  • Drag Supplies: HT-100
  • Max Drag: 9-20 kilos
  • Bearings: 8+1
  • MSRP: $210-$250
  • CNC machined gears
  • Full metallic physique and sideplate
  • Leveline sluggish oscillation system
  • Hydrophobic line curler bearing
  • 1-yr guarantee

Penn Conflict II Overview

The calls for of albie fishing dictate the important options required for saltwater spinning reels to do the job properly. I choose the 4000 measurement Conflict as a Outcome of it hSince the power and line performance to deal with the fish the placeas being mild enough to forged all day. The regular Penn Conflict II 4000 weighs solely 10.6 ounces. With eight sealed stainmuch less-metallic bearings and a clutch bearing, the reel is as clear as any I’ve used. 

Pound for pound, I’ve by no means caught an inshore gamefish Which will smoke a drag system like a false albacore. The Penn Conflict II HT-100 drag system is Greater than As a lot Since the obligation On this dehalfment. High retrieve velocity is a requirement for skipping metallic lures on the water’s floor. The regular Conflict II 4000 has a 6.2:1 gear ratio and pulls 35 inches of line For every full flip of the reel deal with. While this does the job properly, I am going for the extreme-velocity mannequin of the 4000 that has a 7.0:1 gear ratio and pulls 44 inches per flip. This provides my cranking arm some aid, since I don’t Want to reel at breakneck velocity To maintain my lure on the floor. 

The combination of an albie’s savage hits and the low-stretch braided line I choose places A lot of stress on a reel’s gear practice. A number of yrs of expertise conagencyed that Penn’s CNC machined gears are principally As a lot as this process (extra on that later). 

Line Administration

Line management is the place the Penn Conflict stands out amongst all completely different reels that I’ve used. That Is usually a carry out of the reel’s Hydrophobic Line Roller Bearing and its Leveline Slow Oscillation System. 

I confess that till about two yrs in the past, I used to be oblivious to the oscillation velocity of a spinning reel. Oscillation velocity is The velocity at which the spool goes up and down as you flip the reel deal with. The sluggisher the oscillation, the extra diploma The road wraps onto the spool. In completely different phrases, The road wraps Shall be extra parallel To at least Each completely different than on a reel with A conventional oscillation velocity. Do you have to examine spools taken from reels Of numerous oscillation velocitys, you’ll discover that The road stack appears smocompletely different on the reel with the sluggisher oscillation. 

This will buy you Barely further forgeding distance as a Outcome of The road will come off the spool with much less resistance on the forged. Neverthemuch less The huger benefit is A discount in wind knots. This Is huge in albie forgeding, Because of Quantity of forgeds and The fact that skipping a tin on the water’s floor generates inconsistent line rigidity on the retrieve. Add an onshore wind—That is typically In all probability the Best for this fishing—And also you have acquired The proper recipe for wind knots Which will snap off lures and damage costly braided line. My use of sluggish oscillation reels, the Penn Battle II is ancompletely different, has effectively shut down this problem for me. 

As quickly as I first turned Aware of the influence oscillation velocity had on line management and forgeding distance, I requested a Penn staffer why weren’t all reels sluggish oscillating. He deniced that the crisscross line wrap of A conventional oscillating reel allowed for extra strain to be exerted on The road with out The hazard of it slicing into the spool. When The road wraps are extra parallel, There’s extra of An alternative that A very tight drag might bury The road between the wraps. However I On A daily basis spool line tightly on a reel. I furtherly fish An reliable drag with 20-pound braid for albies, and have by no means had A disbenefit. 

How the Penn Conflict II Carried out After 6 Years of Heavy Use

The one disbenefit that I see with the Penn Conflict II is that it’s not waterproof. I might not use it in tough surf the place It Could be subjected to washovers with sand-laden waves. I might furtherly not use this reel in purposes the place frequent dunking in saltwater Can be probably. That said, my biggest False Albacore fishing occurs with a 20-knot wind in my face the placeas my gear is splashed someevents. The Conflict deal withs this nice, and the drag has enough water resistance To maintain it carry outing completely by way of the photographs of saltwater or rain.

I had an previouser Penn Conflict develop A loud line curler, but this didn’t influence carry out. I furtherly stripped a gear on a closely used previous Conflict. Don’t decide the reel too harshly on this failure, although, as I beveryed over 500 albies mixd Inside the 2016 and 2017 seasons using The identical two Conflict reels. That many albies Is Sort of the practice for even Definitely one of the biggest saltwater spinning reels. 

Penn made A nice enchancment on The distinctive Conflict when introducing the Conflict II: The agency improved the deal with to an EVA power knob. Earlier to that improve, I used to be changing Conflict deal with assemblies with these from Penn Slammer reels. This Little question put further stress on these unique Conflict gears, And ought to have contributed to my one gear failure. The improved knob, clearness, And Lightweight mix to make the Conflict II an exceptionally snug reel. 

The Penn Conflict II excels at throwing heavy metallic lures Right into a head wind with out creating annoying wind knots. John Skinner

What This Fishing Reel Does Best

These reels are Definitely one of the biggest I’ve ever owned When it Includes braided-line friendliness, Because of the sluggish oscillation velocity. Additionally They’ve exceptionally clear drags, And that i really feel the bearing beneath the spool and the hydrophobic line curler bearing contribute to this clearness. The reels are furtherly very clear cranking. The 7.0:1 gear ratio selection makes the Penn Conflict II, For my half, Definitely one of the biggest spinning reel For prime-velocity reveals.

What This Fishing Reel Does Worst

That might not A great selection for a reel Which will see A lot of saltwater from both surf waves or frequent splashing on the gunwales of A ship. I might describe the reel as “Water resistant” Versus “waterproof.” That said, my Penn Conflict reels take intervalic splashing on uneven days with out problem.

Final Ideas

This consider focused on false albacore fishing, but I’ve furtherly found this Penn reel to be fantastic for all mild surf fishing and have used it many events for striped bass and summer time flobeneath. In case You are Suffering from wind knots when fishing braid, I’d advocate making an try the Penn Conflict II or Ancompletely different sluggish-oscillating reel To unravel your disbenefit. General, I gained’t say that this Is An excellent reel for The money—this Is An excellent reel, interval. Penn hit A house run with this reel, but they’ll hit a grand slam In the event that they sometime come out with A water-proof mannequin.


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