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CAIRO – 7 October 2021: Egypt, which Is legendary for its further-prolonged staple cotton, has achieved a relative aid in cotton plantation this yr by attaining An enhance in its manufacturing by 30% all by way of 2021.

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CAIRO – 7 October 2021: Egypt, which Is legendary for its further-prolonged staple cotton, has achieved a relative aid in cotton plantation this yr by attaining An enhance in its manufacturing by 30% all by way of 2021.

Celebrating World Cotton Day, which marks October 7, the Egyptian Cupboard said that cotton cultivation and manufacturing have seen An enhance As in contrast with the final yr. The worldwide cotton worth and the extreme demand for it are The primary causes for the manufacturing enhance.



“The current season is Definitely one of the biggest one ever for cotton farmers in Egypt […] cotton prices in Egypt jumped to their extremeest diploma in historic previous,” said The prime of the Egyptian Farmers’ Syndicate Hussein Abu Saddam in A press launch on Thursday.

Egypt enhanced the domesticated space this yr To Obtain 236,000 feddans (one feddan equals 1.038 acres or 0.42 hectare), As in contrast with the earlier season As a Outcome of it was solely 182,000 feddans final yr, he added, noting that cotton manufacturing Is predicted to be about 1.6 million kantars (the official Egyptian weight unit for measuring cotton as one kantar equals to 45.02 kg), with An enhance of 30% in manufacturing As in contrast with final yr.

Head of the Egyptian Widespread Group for Arbitration and Cotton (GOAC) Testing Mohamed Khedr attributed this enhance to the worldwide extreme demand As a Outcome of of a decline of the cotton shares, Masrawy reported on Might 18, 2021.

The worldwide inventory of cotton is projected To say no by 5 % To Obtain 86.7 million bales (one bale equals 170 kg) this yr Due To say no of the shares in China, said the US Division of Agriculture.

In its annual report on Egypt’s cotton on March 31, 2021, the US Division of Agriculture said that “cotton space harvested in Egypt was forecast To enhance seven % to 70,000 hectares (ha), from 65,000 ha in MY 2020/21.” It added that Egypt’s manufacturing is estimated To enhance at 250,000 bales this yr, As in contrast with 215,000 bales Inside the earlier yr.

The GOAC said that 21 nations led by India, Pakistan and Bangladesh imported Egyptian cotton from October 2020 to September 2021, amounting to 88,452.58 tons of cotton.

The 2021 domesticated space Is analogous space harvested in 2019. The domesticated space was decreased to 183,000 feddans in 2020 As in contrast with 236,000 feddans Inside the earlier season (2019), whereas the cotton cultivation in 2018 coated solely 336,000 faddans (One feddan Is The identical as 1.03 acres), Based mostly on A press launch issued by Abu Saddam in March 2021.

Cotton area in Mahala El Kobra- Egypt Right now/Samar Samir

These figures confirmed that over the previous three yrs the cultivation spaces of cotton have been dwindling by 100,000 feddans Yearly.

In 2018, Egyptian cotton suffered a setback As a Outcome of the current was greater than the demand; farmers Might not promote it at affordable prices. So, Inside The subsequent two consecutive yrs, a quantity of farmers gave up planting cotton and the domesticated space sharply declined, Abu Saddam informed Egypt Right now on Thursday.

In March assertion, Abu Saddam attributed the downsize of the cotton cultivation spaces to sure causes. Firstly, The fedperiodl authorities deserted supporting farmers As a Outcome of it Did not set a assured worth for The acquisition of cotton and relied on the public sale system. Secondly, the native factories Rely upon imported brief-staple cotton, not the Egyptian one.

Thirdly, he added, cotton farmers have suffered successive losses As a Outcome of of the drop Inside The prices of their manufacturing over the earlier seasons. Fourthly, farmers Have not any automated harvesting gear amid the extreme value of guide harvesting.

Although The rise of cultivation and manufacturing of Egypt’s cotton this yr was pushed by the extreme demand and decline of the shares worldwidely, The fedperiodl authorities is coincidently Engaged on enhancing it and its associated industries.

Experimentally, Egypt has currently succeeded in cultivating coloured cotton, particularly inexperienced And Lightweight brown. The cultivation of genetically modified coloured cotton goals at reducing the pollution of the dyeing course of.

Collectively with this, The fedperiodl authorities is constructing the world’s largest spinning manufacturing unit at Misr Spinning and Weaving Agency in El-Mahalla El-Kubra, As a Outcome of it was introduced by the Ministry of Public Enterprise Sector in July 2020.

The manufacturing unit is located on an space of about 62,500 sq. meters, and it accommodates Higher than 182,000 spinners, with A imply manufacturing performance of 30 tons/day. The enhancement work of the manufacturing unit takes about 14 months, at an estimated value of about LE 780 million. 

“The authorities is Listening to The event of cotton cultivation,” said Abu Saddam in remarks to Egypt Right now on Thursday.

As for developing the domesticated space, Abu Saddam said It is greater for The fedperiodl authorities to domesticate cotton in accordance with the worldwide demand to primarytain away from any potential surplus That would, consequently, Finish in a drop in cotton prices as quickly as extra As a Outcome of it was happed in 2018.

“Planting cotton is a pure fertilizer for the soil. Its leaves are Utilized in animal fodder, said Abu Saddam, including that oil is furthercted from cotton seeds, which later are used as fodder as properly.


Short-term on cotton cultivation historic previous in Egypt

Traditionally, historic Egyptians had planted cotton Through the period of pharaonic King Ahmose II (the Twenty sixth dynasty) As a Outcome of it was revealed by The conventional Greek author Herodotus, Based mostly on a research of Cotton plant ” Existence in Ancient Egypt by Venice Attia from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and revealed in December 2018.

The research furtherly said that Roman author Pliny the Elder wrote that historic Egyptian clergymen have been sporting cotton-supplies garments. The research, which relied on The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology vol. 20, No. ½ and revealed in June 1934, added that British archeologist Mr. J W Crowfoot talked about that Nubia-Kush kingdom was planting cotton for clothes.

The research added that Ottoman ruler Muhammad Ali of Egypt launched an enhanced strain of cotton from India To reinforce cotton plantation and its commerce in Egypt.

To enhance cotton cultivation and get many extreme revenues, Muhammad Ali invested money Inside the infrastructure of irrigation and transportation and managed to introduce the Industry manufacturing of cotton in 1822, Based mostly on a bulletin titled Cultivation and Production of the Egyptian Cotton.

By the 1830s, the core Of current Egypt consisted of cotton spinning and weaving, added the bulletin, which was revealed by the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture Library in 2015.

In his e-book From the Map of the Egyptian Agriculture in 1984, Egyptian scholar and geographer Gamal Hamdan said that The world of cotton cultivation was fluctuated over Egyptian historic previous As a Outcome of of sure elements; It boomed Through the American civil wrestle and the Korean wrestle, whereas its cultivation sharply declines As a Outcome of of the WWI and WWII Due to closing of exportation market. The utmost domesticated space for cotton reached about 2 million feddans in 1961, whereas its minimal domesticated spaces have been Decrease than A million feddans in 1945, he added.

Cotton- CC by way of Flikr/aokcreation


World Cotton Day

More than 75 nations develop cotton worldwidely. Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali (Cotton-4 nations) have referred to as for an initiative for a world cotton day. In 2019, the World Trade Group (WTO) organized an event to launch this initiative.

On August 30, 2021, the United Nations adopted a decision acknowledges the celebration of cotton day worldwidely on October 7, as cotton performs An important position “by offering livelihoods and subsistence for hundreds of hundreds Of people and acknowledges its broader financial and social influence Throughout the globe.”

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