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That is typinamey a rush transcript of “The Ingraham Angle” on October 8, 2021. This copy Might be not in its final type And will Even be up So far.RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX Information HOST: I am Raymond Arroyo in for Laura Ingraham and this is …….

That is typinamey a rush transcript of “The Ingraham Angle” on October 8, 2021. This copy Might be not in its final type And will Even be up So far.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX Information HOST: I am Raymond Arroyo in for Laura Ingraham and this is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE.

The LA sheriff says he Will not enstrain his county’s vaccine mandate in his workplaces as a matter of public shieldedty. Sheriff Alex Villanueva is right here To inform us why.

Plus, Hunter Biden begins promoting his artwork for lots of of hundreds of greenagains. What might Congress Confacetr that? Devin Nunes has some options.

And Dave Chappelle stands As a lot As a Outcome of the mob, wright hereas Chrisprimeher Columbus is getting canceled by the Biden White House. Joe Piscopo is right here for A very particular Can’t miss “Friday Follies.”

However first, “Biden’s Freefall.” If this week revealed somefactor, It is the catastrophic troubles the Biden Administration has set offed for itself and the nation. This iconic picture right here Might be a metaphor for Biden’s complete prefacetncy – an authorities stumbling and inflicting chaos with every step he takes. And that it Is not anyt simply when He is climbing staircases, although, a chairlift Might not harm at this stage.

The Biden insurance covperiodge policies, Regardmuch less of how properly implyt, are Ensuing in ruinous ends for the American people. His vaccine mandates, coupled with a bloated welfare state that he implys to develop Much extra, are wiping out jobs. Right now, everyone anticipated 500,000 new jobs for the month of September. Whoops.

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That is exact low. September now coming in weaker than August, which was revised greater. And that i exactly feel That is the huge quantity. That is The huge story right here.


ARROYO: Sure. Well, Biden tried to spInside the dangerous news This method.

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JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF America: The month-to-month totals bounce round, but Do You’d like to Take A look at the enhancemalest, its strong. However Everytime You are taking a step again and Take A look at what’s occurring, we’re truly making exact professionalgress.


ARROYO: Now, if that’s professionalgress, I hate to see what failure appears like. 

They’re the worst job quantitys of the yr. We now have a cargo disaster at our ports. Tright here is A ten day againup for ships Inside the dock On the Port of L. a., beset off They will not discover people to unloadvert the cargo.

However A minimal Of womales are thriving beneath Biden’s financial system, proper?

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UNIDENTIFIED Feminine: August, we noticed males going again to work seven To at least one The velocity Of womales. And my gosh, Inside these final jobs quantitys womales truly misplaced

26,000 jobs On the market.


ARROYO: And education associated jobs are being destroyed as properly. “Enterprise Infacetr” reviews, not solely did native authorities shed 144,000 jobs, but

17,000 jobs have been misplaced in state authorities education, and 19,000 in particular personal education.

Collectively with teachers, tright here have been reviews in current months of briefages for completely diffelease jobs associated to education. This is what Biden’s vaccine mandates have wrought. At The identical time, he ceded instructional covperiodge to the teachers’ unions. And wright hereas they advertvance radvertical curricula And demand youngsters put on a masks, regardmuch less of no scientific proof, his Justice Departworkmalest this week focused involved mom and father.

You see, the teachers unions And school boards Do not like having their selections questioned. So now the fedperiodl authorities is partworknering with native regulation enstrainmalest to police and punish mouthy mom and father, In any case, They are not mom and father, they’re maniacs. Just Take heed to the media.

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Pleasure REID, MSNBC HOST, “AM Pleasure”: Conservatives’ manuexactityured outrage over maskss and historic previous classes, took Our school boards hostage like a bunch of screaming maniacs.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is that thIs primarily about people being upset about masks mandates or are tright here Sort of beneathlying disruptive strains – white nationwideists, anarchist.

UNIDENTIFIED Feminine: The biggest quantity and The Most very important cas quickly asrn that we have are the malesaces of violence, the coordinated efforts that we Appear to see.



ARROYO: Virtually as scary as demonizing mom and father apprehensive Regarding their youngsters. By The biggest method, “USA Right now” properly states, Tright here Is not anyt a professionalof that involved involved mom and father are a dangerous malesace To Highschool boards, and yelling at bureaucrats, making an try To level out your baby about sexual positions is hardly a hate crime.

It is now clear That mom and father, youngsters and households have Find your self to be exact tarwill get for this advertministration. And on Monday, Biden lifted a Trump period ban on clinics that refers sufferers to abortion or for abortions pretty from receiving fedperiodl funding.

And buried Inside the Democrats’ multitrillion greenagain reconciliation invoice is a clause that, “Higher than doubles the earned income tax credit marriage penalty for babymuch less staff, giving eligible couples a compelling set off to primarytain away from tying the knot. The professionalposed modifications malesaceen to considerably enhance the bstudyth and depth of marriage penalties for households with youngsters as properly.”

Aren’t strong households and marriages Inside the nation’s curiosity? Not Based mostly on this invoice. Biden used To face for households and he was modperiodtely professional-Life all by way of a lot of his senatorial profession. When you examine the Joe Biden of the previous to the prefacetnt today, he seems to have exactly misplaced his method.

The staff Seems to be working the curlease. They’ve even created Barely off Broadvertmethod theater subsequent door to the White House for the prefacetnt’s public events. I name it Mr. Biden’s neighborhood, A snug, shielded space for him to make confacetr them. He Does not even require a trolley to take him tright here, although the puppets are curlease and accounted for.

This Is primarily designed To shield the prefacetnt from those uncomfordesk press questions. You see, On this setting, reporters Find your self to be spectators In the lifemuch less of Evening time, Who’re straind To watch these little stage reveals from the orchestra. In distinction to an East Room ceremony or an Oval Office spray, the press gained’t dare yell questions and disrupt the professionalduction earlier than them.

And as quickly as the staff assumes they’ve seen enough, properly, They solely asconstructive him out. It is like Aladvertdin on Broadvertmethod after a COVID scare. Everybody get out – go, go go, we’re canceling everyfactor.

Not that any of this has assisted Biden. Once People hear him with out filter, it Doesn’t instill confidence.

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BIDEN: Furtherly, We Have acquiredten state leadvertership right here. Lieutenant Governor Juliana is right here – Stratton. And the Ohio-Pennsylvania – the Ohio-Pennsylvania – I am from Pennsylvania. The Illinois prefacetnt, Don Harmon. And Robert Riter – Reiter – R-E-I-T-E-R – Reiter – of the Chicin the past Fedperiodtion of Labor. And, people, that’s how we beat COVID-19.


ARROYO: That is how we beat COVID-19. Gladvert to know. The W.H.O. is taking notices. The American Individuals Aren’t silly. They see this confusion. They exactly feel The prices On the pump and On the grocery retailer. They see Hunter Biden’s gallery facet grift, which We’ll get to briefly. They see the pitiful overseas covperiodge blbeneaths in Afghanistan and Europe, and it has taken a toll on Biden.

A mannequin new Quinnipiac Ballot reveals 53 % Of usa residents disapprofessionalve of his job pertypeance – 53 %. 60 % of Independents now disapprofessionalve of them. If Biden continues on this ruinous path, he gained’t need a poll. He’ll need a internet.

Becoming a member of me Now’s Steve Moore, Economist and Freedom Works Vice chairman; and small Industry proprietor, Daveed Meiron. He’s – personals The mannequin Ny Bagel Cafe in L. a., and He is struggling To lease staff.

Steve, I even Want to begin out with you. What’s driving these job quantitys so low? 

Biden claims it’s the unvaccinated.

STEVE MOORE, ECONOMIST: I exactly feel The Most very important disadvertvantage proper now, Raymond, with respect to the financial system – and the small Industry people will conagency this – Is that they solely cannot get staff again on the job. You understand, we’re in a restoration proper now. I imply, the financial system is doing pretty properly proper now. 

The largest disadvertvantage is that our small companies Can’t get staff again on the job.

After which you undoubtedly marvel, properly, why is that? Why are staff not coming again all by way of a restoration? Usually you’d see An monumalestal enhance. We misplaced almost 200,000 staff. 200,000 fewer staff this month Inside the labor strain than final month, that’s unprecedent.

And that i exactly feel The reply to that, Raymond, is We’re paying people Tons money to get All of these authorities advertvantages, whether or not It is meals stamps, whether or not It is unemploymalest advertvantages, whether or not it’s leaseal assist, whether or not it’s money funds. And a small Industryman, like this gentlemales, They’ve A strong time competing with Uncle Sam. People are making Further money sitting on the couch. And that is tragic.

By The biggest method, Bill Clinton, a Democrat, signed welfare retype wright here we principally said You should work to get The advertvantages. And now the Democrat, not simply Biden, All of the Democrats have repudiated that.

ARROYO: Let me–

MOORE: Tright here Is not any work requiremalests for any Of those professionalgrams.

ARROYO: Let me go to David. You are Dealing with this firsthand. What’s driving The briefage of staff? You will Have The power to’t – I imply, you have been shutd for six months, you now Can’t discover staff.

DAVEED MEIRON, SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: Well, Definitely one of many largest factors is The fact that 63 % of our Industry that was afforded the Restaurant Revery importantization Program, Did not get it. Firms and our governor did get A pair of of That money – round $2.9 invoiceion That did not go To assist our Industry.

The staff are leaving, first As a Outcome of of mandates. As Of 5 months in the past, Once we acquired our first well being inspection after we opened, they intypeationrmed us that OSHA requires us To handle who’s vaccinated and who’s not, eliminating the freedoms Of those staff. Employees At the momalest are talking to me about leaving the state.

So we have staff at quantity – not going to be round. Number two, 2 million constituents are in our Industry in California alone and that is dwindling and dwindling. ToEvening time is a basic event. I Desired to return in right here and our interview was Arrange exactly advert hoc, beset off I am lacking two staff toEvening time. So We’re scampering round, making an try to make ends meet and The fedperiodl authorities Isn’t doing somefactor – native or fedperiodl, to say, you know what, we understand what it implys to be a small mom and pop store. You are the again An elemalest of our nation.

You understand that minority groups have Almost all of handlerial positions in our Industry. I Desired to begin out GoFundMe advertising campaign, beset off I acquired a letter from eviction from our landlord. And the group – that if it wasn’t for the group of Sherman Oaks Which have been behind our philanthropy, I might not be right here talking to you proper now. So–


ARROYO: Let me go to Steve for a minute, Daveed, and I am going to come proper again to you. Labor Secretary Martworky Walsh, says getting again on monitor econominamey Is So straightforward as vaccinating youngsters. Pay attention.

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MARTY WALSH, SECRETARY OF LABOR: A lot Of people are Taking A look at, are they going to make a profession change, they’re wanting On their work-life stcapability To vary. Furtherly I exactly feel Individuals are still involved Regarding the pandemic and the Delta variant. As we Take into confacetration approfessionalving a vaccine for youthful youngsters in schools, I exactly feel, that’s going to, as quickly as extra, convey extra people again into the job market.


ARROYO: Steve, Daveed simply informed us vaccine mandates are killing him and harming his staff. He Can’t get people to work for him. Is forcing youngsters to get vaccinated The reply?

MOORE: So this is An exact disadvertvantage proper now. You’ve – I’ve – one of our donors has about 600 staff, he runs a exactityory in Wisconsin. And he said, I can not – I am going To close my exactityory pretty than require these staff to get a vaccine as quickly as extrast their will. And he took it to The staff

– the 600 staff – and he said 80 % of them, even These Who’ve been vaccinated, said, this is outrageous, thOn The fedperiodl authorities would strain people to get vaccinated as quickly as extrast their properly.

Related disadvertvantage, by The biggest method, with respect to what’s occurring with the workstrain is, Joe Biden today was saying, Oh, Take A look at wages are up by 4 %. However guess what, Raymond, inflation is up by 6 %. You Do not Want to be a mathematician To know Do You’d like tor wages are going up 4 %, And prices go up 6 %, you’re dropping money.

So this – You probably did An excellent job of encapsulating All of the fumbles of this advertministration. Definitely one of the worst is the inflation, which Is primarily affecting decrease income and center income people On the gasoline pump and the grocery retailer.

ARROYO: Now, yes, it’s estimated – I study a report from Moody’s that it Might be $2,000 plus a month of tax on the American people Everytime you Converse about inflation, Daveed. How has that influenceed Your small Industry and what are your professionalspects now?

MEIRON: Well, I exactly feel A lot Of people have heard that A pair of of The primary state merchandise On the grocery retailer Is notably pork, and everyone loves their breakfast bagel, bacon, egg and cheese – these prices have skyrocketed. We exactly have companies To survive beneath this local climate, We now Want to reinvent ourselves.

Half of our method proper Now’s To Confacetr the catering. on creating sealed meals That people exactly feel shielded with. I used to be interviewed by NBC Every week in the past and we talked Barely bit Regarding the vaccine mandates, and I referred them to The intypeation that’s Coming out of Israel.

And at first he said no. 45 minutes later, again, he acquired here and he said, you know what, you’re proper. The vaccine is displaying that it’s decreaseing the immune system, Folks that has – I am antivaxxer, but Do You’d like tor immune system Is strong, tright here’s no need to implemalest these mandates, that to me, exactly are wanting like chaos quantity the desk for All of these people That are pushing this button For everyone to lose their freedom and to lose their companies.

They might make investmalests a invoiceion greenagains in giving us ionizers Which may immediately sterilize the air, give us current air in every indoor environment, together with The Departworkmalest retailers.

MOORE: Mightbe I could simply–


ARROYO: Sure. Daveed, we simply Have to go amethod it tright here.

MOORE: I exactly feel–

ARROYO: All proper. Go aheadvert In a brief time, Steve, beset off I acquired to run.

MOORE: Okay. What Goes to make this inflation disadvertvantage that Daveed was simply talking about a lot worse is that we move up $4 trillion or $5 trillion debt invoice paid for by printing money, and that Goes to make a inflation. If you assume it’s dangerous now wait till he Do this.

ARROYO: Biden says its free, Steve. It is all free. Do not be involved about it.

MOORE: Precisely.


ARROYO: Steve and Daveed, Thanks each. We’ll look at in on you Inside The events aheadvert. Thank you.

As Biden’s prefacetncy falls apartwork, He is making an try To tug Donald Trump dpersonal with him. The Biden White House today denied The earlier prefacetnt’s assertion of authorities privilege over paperwork associated to January 6.

Now Take heed to this. White House Counsel Dana Ramos writes, “the constitutional shieldions of authorities privilege Ought to not be used to defend from Congress or The genperiodl public intypeation that displays A clear and appalease effort to subvert the Structure itself.”

Becoming a member of me Now’s Bob Barr, typeer Georgia Congressman and Clinton Impeverymalest Supervisor. Bob, does the White House’s authorized argumalest for denying Trump’s request move the sniff look at? Or is this about political retribution?

BOB BARR, BILL CLINTON IMPEACHMENT MANAGER: It Doesn’t move any affordable look at in any respect. The sniff look at, the Structure’s look ats, the authorized look at, the political look at. For Biden’s regulationyer to say, oh, tright here Might have been one factor unconstitutional that Trump did, wright here you have an advertministration that is implemalesting unconstitutional insurance covperiodge policies, Similar to a vaccine mandate Daily of the week. If it have beenn’t critical, Raymond, It’d be very hilarious whOn they’re making an try To tug right here.

ARROYO: Sure, So as that they’re lifting exactly the shieldion of authorities privilege, which Trump has requested not solely all of his associates to embrace and fall beneath, but has invoked himself To primarytain their particular personal communications from public scrutiny.

CNN’s Gloria Borger, by probcapability let’s slip the Biden White House’s has moved today. Pay attention shutly.

(Startwork VIDEO CLIP)

GLORIA BORGER, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL ANALYST: Time is of the essence. These Democrats know what occurred Inside the Mueller make investmalestsigation. They know what occurred Over the previous 4 yrs, They typinamey’re decided to have this carried out in A style That people can see for themselves shortly.


ARROYO: Quickly. Bob, is this about primarytaining Trump off the Ballotin 2024? 

Or utterly making them poisonous?

BARR: It – properly, it’s, In exactity, each. Anyfactor that Trump did or somefactor that this advertministration assumes that Trump did, They’re as quickly as extrast. And purely, with Biden’s quantitys tanking so dramatinamey, and with the Democrat quantitys in The house tanking so dramatinamey, They’re scared to demise of, one, dropping The house subsequent yr, and dropping the White House very probably to Trump in 2024.

So they’re taking A very brief sighted approfessionalach right here Collectively with his authorities privilege argumalest. It Goes To return again to chew Democrats Many events, In the event that they exactly Persist with this.

ARROYO: Before I’ve to run – In a brief time, you have – you’ve written a lot about this, you’ve talked a lot about this. Does Biden have any appreciation for what He is unleashing right here, not Only for himself, but for his successors to be lifting this veil of authorities privilege?

BARR: No, he Does not appaleasely. Every prefacetnt, whether or not It is a Republican prefacetnt or a Democrat prefacetnt has On A daily basis sought To shield the privilege that comes with that office For his or her predecessors, so their successors will Revenue from the identical diploma of privilege after them.

ARROYO: Sure, and themselves. Thank you, Bob. We’ll look at in quickly. L. a. County imposed a vaccine mandate, but County Sheriff Alex Villanueva gained’t enstrain it. He joins us in momalests To elucidate why.

And a professionalfessor at UC Irvine took his school to courtroom over their vaccine requiremalest. They replyed by suspending him. He’s right here subsequent To talk out. 

Keep tright here.

(Enterprise BREAK)

ARROYO: For over a yr, The l. a. County Sheriff’s Departworkmalest has been beneath siege, first, by the defund police movement, which led to price range reduces and finned ranks, then by a radvertical district lawyer whose insurance covperiodge policies embolden criminals. Oh, and Do not overlook The huge homemuch less disaster, which We have reported on.

And, finally, as homicides and violent crime shot up the L.A. County Board of Supervisors imposed a vaccine mandate on all county staff. However L.A. 

County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is preventing again. Sheriff Villanueva joins me now. Sheriff, you refuse to enstrain this vaccine mandate as a matter of public shieldedty, Clarify?

ALEX VILLANUEVA, LOS ANGELES COUNTY SHERIFF: Well, it’s pretty straightforward. 

We’re Dealing with the homemuch less disaster. We are the epicenter of The complete nation on homemuch lessness. We now have a homicides of 54 % enhance from final yr.

And then we have it – we misplaced 1,400 positions on the departworkmalest. We’re In all probcapability the most beneathstaffed agency in The complete nation. And then the board Desires to impose a vaccine mandate on prime of all that, understanding that I am going to have 5 to 10 % of my worker To merely stroll amethod and retire early. We cannot afford that. This is straight public shieldedty problem.

ARROYO: Sure. Once I used to be out tright here with you and we have been strolling Throughout The metropolis Hall of tright here, I requested why aren’t you implemalesting the homemuch less decrees That are on the block. These Individuals aren’t Alleged to be out right here. And that In the meantime you informed me if I take my males out of the prisons, That is the A method I might discover the manpower for it. What quantity of cops are you dpersonal, how many officers are you dpersonal, Sheriff?

VILLANUEVA: Well, the 1,400 positions that we misplaced, plus An extra 300 now that we have the vacancies that We’ve not crammed, they imposed a hiring freeze on our departworkmalest, wright hereas they’ve lifted it for all county departworkmalests besides the sheriff’s departworkmalest. So this is focused On to harm public shieldedty, for the political agenda. The Board of Supervisors merely Do not care Regarding the shieldedty of Their very personal refacetnts in L.A. County. 

That is typinamey appalling.

ARROYO: Sure. And, I imply – and Everytime you have crime – and I am going To place a statistic up, 65 % enhance in homicides yr-to-date by way of September or pretty from September Twenty fifth, enhance in capturing victims by way of The identical interval. I imply, You can’t afford to have one or two much less cops on The roadvert. What are the exact quantitys? What quantity of cops might you lose if this vaccine mandate is enstraind in your workplaces?

VILLANUEVA: If You are taking A look at A ten %, We’d be dropping about 800 deputies. And That options senior deputies, like homicide make investmalestsigators, Beset off you are taking A look at – We’ll lose a tenured people On The prime of their professions That you merelyr most expert people, That are Supplies particularists in homicides, gang make investmalestsigations, our SWAT group – all The climate That are very troublesome To tradverte. It takes A very Very prolonged time to develop them. 

These are the people Which will simply merely retire early.

And this is so politicized, I cannot in good conscience impose A particular persondate like that. It Is sensemuch less in any respect.

ARROYO: And what are you listening to? What are you listening to from the Board of Supervisors? What are you listening to from the mayor? They will’t be too Proud of you’re saying I am not going to enstrain your mandate?

VILLANUEVA: Well, since we have one partworky rule in California, they’re merely advertopting that, hey, this madverte – this politicizes this vaccine mandate, which Similar to Once they did the important and non-important companies and destroyed tens of hundreds Of corporations, beset off they althought it was An excellent cas quickly aspt. This is one Similar to that.

Poorly althought out poorly exereduceed, and then when The outcomes blow apartwork, They will simply Sort of pretend like That they hadvert nofactor to do with it. I am not going to be Half of that.

ARROYO: Well, and We should almethods simply say Sheriff Villanueva is encouraging vaccines for his departworkmalest. Right, Sheriff? I imply, you have inspired them to get the vaccine.


ARROYO: However you Do not like this mandate?

VILLANUEVA: Precisely. I am vaccinated myself. My complete household is vaccinated. 

However I am not going to impose it on completely diffelease people. I am going to let every particular person do Their very personal. I am going to encourage people to get the vaccination, but we’re not going to impose it.

ARROYO: Sure. Well, It is an endangermalest of public shieldedty. You will Have The power to’t afford one much less cop on those streets. Sheriff Villanueva, Thanks.

In the final – late August, pretty, doctor Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, he took the College of California Irvine to courtroom over its draconian vaccine mandate. He did so on behalf of colleagues, who like himself, alstudyy hadvert pure immunity to COVID from a previous an infection.

I should notice, this argumalest is One hundred Laptop Pc agained by scientific proof. 

However UC Irvine Does not Appear to care about that. So October 1st, they suspended Dr. Kheriaty, then banned him from Engaged on campus or at home, and they banned him from seeing his sufferers. Dr. Kheriaty joins us now.

Now, doctor, You are a psychiatrist. We reveryed out to UC Irvine for commalest. They didn’t reply. It appears Just like they’re making an try to beat you into submission. They not solely suspended you, but put you on make investmalestsigative depart. What does that imply?


That is Sort of what exactly feels Want to me, Raymond. They do not Appear to be permitting me To return on campus In any respect. Initially, they Weren’t permitting me to see my sufferers.

I used to be notified at 5:00 pm on Thursday final week, and it went into influence the very subsequent day, so I hadvert alstudyy left the office. I used to be given no time To inform my sufferers or my college students or the refacetnts that I supervise in clinics every week. That I used to be being positioned on depart. They didn’t know what hadvert occurred to me or wright here I hadvert gone.

Fortunately, my sufferers pushed again and the university relented and is permitting me to see them by telemedicine for visits this month. However, anyone who’s gone to a thperiodpist, or psychiatrist is Aware of that a face-to-face encounter and a Zoom encounter Aren’t The identical factor.

So they’ve suspended me. They have – my capability to earn a dwelling outfacet the university, wright hereas I am suspended, is crippled by my contract which says I can solely see sufferers On the university. So I am in A very strong spot professionalfessionally.

And tright here is Folks that I am Aware of On the university, Who’ve also not been vaccinated and Have not been granted an exemption but. However those people Have not been despatched home or positioned on this make investmalestsigatory depart standing. 

So from my vantage level, it appears and exactly Seems like A sort of retaliation beset off I hadvert filed a regulationsuit, as you talked about, in fedperiodl courtroom difficult the constitutionality of their vaccine mandate. 

ARROYO:  Professor, universities like U.C. Irvine are emboldened by nationwide well being leadverters who don’t even bcompletely diffelease To consider pure immunity. 

This is Dr. Fauci Just a few weeks in the past. Watch.

(Startwork VIDEO CLIP)

DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT:  I get names On A daily basis. People say I’ve alstudyy hadvert COVID. I am shielded, and now the research says Might Even be Much extra shielded then the vaccine alone. Ought to Furtherly they get the vaccine? How do you make the case for that? 

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, WHITE HOUSE CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISER:  That is An truly good level, Sanjay. I’ven’t acquired An truly agency reply for you on that. That is one factor We Might have To debate relating to The sturdiness of the response. 


ARROYO:  Dr. Kheriaty, hundreds of hundreds Of people Have acquiredtenten this virus, and he Does not have An reply on pure immunity? You are the director of medical ethics at U.C. Irvine. Are these vaccine mandates medinamey moral given The complete disregard for pure immunity? 

KHERIATY:  No, I do not confacetr That they are for that set off. Natural immunity All of us kNow’s Simpler than the vaccines. That is To not denigrate the vaccines, but pure immunity is 99 % influenceive. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine by Their very personal knowledge thOn they submitted for emergency use authorization was 67 % influenceive. The vaccine immunity is declining over time. That is why Individuals are talking about boosters now. 

It still supplys some efficacy of forestalling extra critical signs. Neverthemuch less it Does not forestall an infection and transmission. Natural immunity does. We now have overwhelming proof Inside the scientific litperiodture now that pure immunity is strong, it’s sturdy. It forestalls not solely rean infection, but it forestalls transmission. I am the shieldedst particular person to be round on campus, but I am The One which has been despatched home. 

ARROYO:  Dr. Kheriaty, I am gladvert you’re elevating this problem of pure immunity. It Have to be talked about not solely at U.C. Irvine, but Throughout the nation. Thank you for elevating it. 

Arising, Dave Chapelle revels Inside the woke againlash, and Chrisprimeher Columbus will get canceled. It is Friday Follies with particular visitor Joe Piscopo. 

Do not miss this, subsequent. 

(Enterprise BREAK)

ARROYO:  It is Friday. Which implys It is time for Friday Follies. This week, since I am right here, we have a particular visitor. Please welcome comic, radvertio talk curlease host, our pal Joe Piscopo. Joe, thanks for being right here. I’ve to get your Deal with this Dave Chapelle controversy. In his new Netflix particular he informs some trans jokes and spends A good deal of time replying LGBTQ criticism of his work. He malestions the rapper DaBaby who was canceled for making offensive gay feedagain. Watch. 

(Startwork VIDEO CLIP)

DAVE CHAPPELL, COMEDIAN: DaBaby shot and killed a — in Walmartwork. In our nation, you can shoot and kill a — but you greater not harm a gay particular person’s emovements. I am carried out talking about it. 

All I ask Out of your group, with all humility, will you please sprime punching dpersonal on my people. 


ARROYO:  That was The prime of the curlease. Now tright here are names to cancel Chapelle. A Netflix author is boycotting the plattype over this. Your response, Joe, and what influence does all of this have on comedy? 

JOE PISCOPO, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST:  Well, it exactly mannequins it again. I am extra of an entertainer and radvertio host, Raymond. As you know These days, Dave Chapelle, and as quickly as extra, I need to say, I On A daily basis love Eddie Murphy’s, my man that has been so politinamey correct all by way of the yrs but has been hysterinamey humorous. And that i exactly feel mans like Dave Chapelle and Eddie are nationwide treaconstructives. Do not mess with that. Permit them to say whOn They need. It is America of America. It is freedom of speech. 

I make jokes about Italians. You make joke about everyfactor else. Look at Don Rickles. Everybody’s out. Just Loosen up. It is a joke. And Chapelle is sensible. And also you narrow him again. And then when Eddie was on “Saturday Night Stay,” proper, and he startworked doing Velvet Jones, and they said what Regarding the Me Too movement. And he goes, do You want womales. And They are saying yes. And he goes me, too proper to the digital acquired herperiod, huge snicker, Nobody questioned it. And simply let it go. It is getting utterly Uncontrolled, I exactly feel, Raymond. 

With sympathies to Individuals who get offended, everyone’s simply acquired To tug again Barely bit, I exactly feel. 

ARROYO:  This lalook at particular, this lalook at Chapelle particulars, it felt somewright here between remedy and the protection trial. The snickers have been in between. Neverthemuch less it seems Chappell is undaunted. He informed a crowd The completely diffelease Evening time if this is what being canceled is like, I Choose it. And then he went on and on. 

We’re going To maneuver on to The subsequent primeic right here, Joe. This is one factor I need you To the contact on, and it’s partworkicularly surprising to Italian People. It was hugely ignored today, Biden turned the first prefacetnt to problem a professionalclamation to rejoice Indigenous Peoples Day on October Eleventh, the day typeally Usually acknowledged as Columbus Day. Biden is saying, quote, “Right now we also acintypeation the painful historic previous of wrongs and atrocities that many European explorers inflicted on tribal nations and indigenous communities.” Joe, your response. I do know you’re involved Inside the Columbus Day Paradverte in New York and elsewright here.

PISCOPO:  This is from the man that simply allowed 13 army members to die in Afghanistan. This is the man that I assume allowed a drone strike to hit seven youngsters. 

So listen, Monday is Columbus Day. Columbus found America, And i am doubling dpersonal on it. And that i’m a professionalud Italian American. And Chrisprimeher Columbus, whether or not You want him or not, whether or not he hadvert his fregulations or not, this is one factor that stands strong for the Italian American group. 

I will be Inside the Columbus Day Paradverte in Philadvertelphia. I am the grand marshal. Thank you for asking, Raymond. I am broadvertcasting. I am cohosting the Columbus Day Paradverte in New York. And that it’s all about being a professionalud Italian American, and They are not going to tear as dpersonalgradverte.

For the first time, Raymond, if I am going to, the Italian American group has joined together stronger than ever beset off They’re making an try to tear us dpersonal, and It Is not anyt going to happen, not even Do You’d like to’re the prefacetnt of America. 

ARROYO:  Joe, conventionally It is also Similar to slander to say Columbus Worn out Native People. It is simply not true. To begin with, he was A particular person motivated by religion. He by no implys stepped foot Inside the continental Usa. 

And the Spanish crpersonal granted residentship to Native People and then restricted their enslavemalest. People need to study a historic previous e-book. 

However talking of historic previous, Tright here is a new Fauci documalestary which premiered on Disney Plus earlier this week, your favourite, Joe, ancompletely diffelease Italian American. The doc labors to humanize Fauci by that consists of him in numerous episodes of cathartworkic weeping, partworkicularly when he watches his personal speeches. 

Now this one was to AIDS activist who accused him of slowing dpersonal evaluation And by no implys Specializing in thperiodpeutics thOn they althought could have saved lives of HIV victims. 

(Startwork VIDEO CLIP) 

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, WHITE HOUSE CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISER:  The most vocal, professionalvocative, are artworkiculate groups amongst these are the AIDS activists. Some of them are greater intypeationrmed than many scientists can probably deal with. 


ARROYO:  Isn’t it Thanks, he truly launched those activists to the desk, Joe, and they assisted redesign medical trials and drug enhancemalest. 

Think about if Fauci hadvert been so accommodating to medical practitioners who supplyed various medicine when COVID first emerged. 

PISCOPO:  I simply acquired here from Brooklyn so I Might be right here with you, Raymond. 

And it’s An excellent Italian American group wright here Dr. Fauci is from. I am getting killed this yr. I’ve acquired Fauci, I’ve acquired Cuomo, I’ve acquired de Blasio, I’ve acquired Pelosi. They’re killing me, Raymond. They’re killing me. 

It is Columbus Day coming up. Can we Converse about An excellent Italian American like Steve Scalise? Can we go tright here, In Your house state?

ARROYO:  Sure, my congressman.


ARROYO:  They three of us will do the paradverte this yr, Joe.


PISCOPO:  We have been going to do the paradverte. No one is slowing us dpersonal, and I hesitate to criticize a fellow Italian American Predespatchedly of yr, but I exactly feel wright here You are going Isn’t off base, Raymond, but I hope you understand my despatchedimalest. 

ARROYO:  I get it. And Do You’d like To imagine after Fauci useful masksing youngsters with zero scientific proof, failing to Adjust to by way of with an ivermectin research which Continues to be ongoing, A lowered pure immunity, and the lockdpersonal failures going to drive him from The genperiodl public stage, assume as quickly as extra. 

(Startwork VIDEO CLIP)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And that i truly confacetr A lot Of usa residents, A huge An elemalest of America, now have misplaced confidence in you Dr. Fauci. Is tright here Some extent will you have been say I do extra harm than good beset off people don’t Take heed to me anyextra, and step afacet? 



ARROYO:  Joe, all I can say is you greater bone up In your Fauci impression. 

You’d possibly need it. He Shall be round For A very Very prolonged time. Thank you, my good friend, joyful Columbus Day to you. 

The advertministration that was going To revive moral conduct is wanting The completely diffelease method wright hereas the prefacetnt’s son sells not so good artwork for nearly

$100,000 a pop. What can Congress do? Devon Nunes is right here with options. 

Keep right here. 

(Enterprise BREAK)

(Startwork VIDEO CLIP)

ARROYO:  Tright here is a gallery dpersonal the block promoting this Murals for

$75,000 to $500,000. Do you assume it’s worth it? 

UNIDENTIFIED Feminine: I exactly feel I Could make that with some stamps And a few ink. 

UNIDENTIFIED Feminine: It appears like one factor my daughter used To paint. 

I am talking about in elemalestary school progress. 

ARROYO:  What if I informed you it was created by Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son? Would that enhance The worth for you? 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What would I get for the donation? 

ARROYO:  Tright here is an fascinating question. What would you get?


ARROYO:  That is what everyone’s wandering Regarding the patrons who purchased A minimal Of 5 of Hunter Biden’s artwork prints for a whopping $75,000 every. We do not know the identities Of those people or if they purchased extra of Hunter’s work since his October 1st gallery debut in L. a.. That is wright here Hunter was reduce schmoozing with 200 visitors, one factor the White House asconstructived us he Wouldn’t do. 

Becoming a member of me now, California Congressman Devin Nunes. Congressman Nunes, it sounds Just like the firewalls the White House said They might put up with the gallery have been by no implys raised. 

REP. DEVIN NUNES, (R-CA): Raymond, I am in California and I didn’t acquire my invitation. I am pretty disapleveled. I used to be going to be pay A minimal of $85,000, A minimal of. I am constructive they’d be worth it.

ARROYO:  I am constructive they’d take greater bids, So that you have A area of curiosity tright here. 

However my question is this. I am going to play you a chew. This is again in July. Jen Psaki says Hunter’s artwork gross sales Can be deal withd This method. 

(Startwork VIDEO CLIP)

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY:  All intperiodctions relating to the promoting of artwork and the setting Of prices Shall be deal withd by Educated gallerist adverthering to The very biggest Industry requiremalests. And any supply out of The conventional In exactity Can be rejected out of hand. and the gallerist Will not share Particulars about consumers or professionalspective consumers, together with their identities with Hunter Biden or the advertministration. It Can be difficult for an nameless One that we Do not know and Hunter Biden Does not know to have affect. 


ARROYO:  Hunter Biden Does not know? Congressman, he is fraternizing And they are taking selfies and having drinks together On the gallery in L.A. 

And tright here is ancompletely diffelease one in New York. 

NUNES:  Who buys A bit of work and Does not put it up on their wall? 

How are they going To primarytain this secret? It is ludicrous. The complete factor is outrageous. The American people Know it. This was Alleged to be In all probcapability the most clear advertministration in historic previous, and clearly they went to an space that’s acknowledged for fraud and money labeneafactor. That is why they’re doing this.

And the Congress, the Republicans in Congress have requested this question. The highest Republican, Mr. Comer, from the Republican Halfy has been asking for The intypeation. If they Have to be clear, They need To professionalvide it to Congress, but this is A very murky space, and it appears exactly dangerous When you’re taking it Under confacetration the prolonged, I might say look atered, historic previous. 

Keep in thoughts, I Wanted to Bear The complete problem with Burisma and Ukraine and the impevery. And On The prime of all that we Came across the Bidens, they have been These doing Industry in Ukraine, getting money from Moscow, having provides in China. And so now That you merely’re simply doing work, I do not assume it movees the odor look at. And that i exactly feel if Republicans get a gavel again a subpoena these data, They’ll discover out the consumers are going to be Folks that All of us know. 

ARROYO:  It is notably troubling I exactly feel Everytime you know the historic previous that lapprime affords us, which is that he was involved with Chrisprimeher Heinz that is John Kerry’s stepson. These are The two who based the group thOn they now assume still is make investmalestsed in a Chinese language fund. It Might be 10 % possession of this Chinese language fund. When you’ve acquired those Kinds of alliances floating round, what can Congress do? 

NUNES:  Now You only said lapprime, the Hunter Biden lapprime from hell that We have by no implys seen that supposedly Do You’d like to submit that anywright here on Facee-book or Google and anywright here else, it’s going to be banned. So now, Raymond, I am not going To have The power to submit this video And no-one Goes To have The power to see it. Congress can get this intypeation. The reply to your question is Congress can get it. The Democrats are in cost, and my guess is So far the Democrats have seen, let’s simply say, completely uncuriosityed. 

ARROYO: Congressman Nunes, we will depart it tright here. Thank you Tons. 

Keep in thoughts when Kamala Harris advertmitted to Charlamange tha God that she smoked weed. We’re not so constructive she sprimeped. The Last Bite Clarifys. 

(Enterprise BREAK)

ARROYO:  Kamala Harris as quickly as informed Charlamange tha God she smoked weed. Her tour of the National Observatory with youngsters today makes us confacetrrs. 

(Startwork VIDEO CLIP)

KAMALA HARRIS, (D) VICE PRESIDENT OF America:  I simply love The althought of exploring the unacknowledged. And then tright here’s completely diffelease factors that we simply haven’t Found out or found but. To assume about Tons that is out tright here that we still Want to study, I exactly like that. We’re going to study Tons as we more and more, I exactly feel, are curious. You are going to exactly see the craters on the moon Collectively with your particular personal eyes, Collectively with your particular personal eyes. I am informing you, It Goes to be unbelievable. 


ARROYO:  Wow, Tons out tright here. 

Before we go, I’ve A very particular birthday greeting to my spouse, Rebecca. 

I exactly feel sHe is 22 this yr, I am Unconstructive. And yes, you nasty people, she is my first spouse. 

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